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Shirley Erskine, an international artist, studied Art at Sheridan College Oakville and the University of Toronto, graduating in 1978. Erskine's extensive teaching and travel continues to inform her work. The artist describes her works in collage and paint as "expressionistic" with a varied range of theme and subject matter. She uses transparent inks to achieve an effect of a glasslike fragility. Erskine's paintings have been exhibited extensively, garnered many awards and she has been recognized as "Mississauga's Visual Artist of the Year 1997". Her paintings can be found across Canada, USA, England, Europe, Asia, United Arab Emerites and Australia and in many commercial permanent collections. Her work is available for sale. Please use the contact page to inquire about pricing and shipping.

"The power of our earth as a spiritual sustainer and nourisher, and the people who dwell on her, have been the themes behind my work for many years. - I am advocating, through the abstract exploration of colour and light, that we all have the right to be free and to dwell on this beautiful Earth with peace, dignity and in harmony."

Shirley Erskine CFS SCA ISEA ISA